What was it like meeting Justin?

Amazing! It happened way too fast though.

#love #outfit #cuteoutfit #cuteoutfits #smiles

#love #outfit #cuteoutfit #cuteoutfits #smiles

Q: is your mom a good cook? video

Kidrauhl - I'll Be
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HeartBreaker SONG! <3 

I can’t.

Justin Bieber ft. Kidrauhl - Never Let You Go
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Justin Bieber and Kidrauhl

(2 versions of “Never Let You Go” together)

Why would someone do this to me!?!

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my emotionsssssssss pls

everyone please help us get more views on this! soread it around! how awesome would it be if justin went to prom!? please help us spread the word!

His fashion style

His fashion style